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Who doesn't love a good bloody mary? We sure do and wanted to bring the best possible mix to market. What started as a delicious recipe developed by a professional chef evolved into what is now Larry the Cable Guy Premium Bloody Larry Mix, with purchases helping to support charity. 

This delicious blend of seasonings that you can actually see in the bottle is just the right balance of flavor, heat, and body. No need to modify it like many others brands to get the flavor profile you want- Bloody Larry is already good to go. Whether mixed with your favorite vodka or alone over ice, it is refreshing and satisfying any time of year. If  you haven't tried it yet, make sure you stop by one of our samplings. Once you taste it, you will love it!

And the name? During brainstorming sessions, it didn't take long for the teenage son of the company's owner to think that up. Bloody Larry- so simple, yet a 17 year old beat us to the punch. Go figure. 

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