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Fall is Here- Get Ready for Chilly (Chili) Weather!

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

It's October, folks. Are you ready to get your heavier jackets and hats out of storage? Or, if you're from the midwest like us, you never quite put them away. Just in case we need to grab them for that June snowstorm. And that's only half-kidding!

What is your favorite fall activity/memory? Does it have to do with raking leaves, bonfires, apple picking, cooking your favorites in the crock pot or oven? Let us know- we love to hear the great memories people make and pass on, and how different it can be by region.

One of our favorites is making chili and enjoying how delicious it is, piping hot on a cold day. And of course it wouldn't be a favorite without adding a little Bloody Larry Mix to the recipe. Our bloody mary gives it great flavor, and why not top it off with a Bloody Larry on the side? Add a pickle spear, olives, celery, pickled vegetables, beef stick, anything that makes it your own. Serve this entire mess with some corn bread or other bread, and you will have another great fall ritual to pass on. Nap afterward is optional, but highly recommended.

Try our tasty Bloody GREAT Chili and let us know what you think. Like fall, it doesn't last long around here!

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